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Episode 3

ROT 003 Black 365 with Professor Jamaal Brown

In this episode:

The “Rappers Over Thirty” podcast host “Imp the Great” talks about the need to stop eating processed foods and its relation to diabetes. He urges people to pre-plan and prep meals and learn to cook healthy alternatives to their favorite overly processed foods.

Imp then has a serious conversation with scholar, educator, speaker, leader and graduate of "Les Brown’s Professional Speaking Training" Professor Jamaal Brown. The two discuss how Jamaal's basketball dreams were halted by heart surgery, his decision to chose books and education opposed to gangs, drugs, and entertainment.

The two also discuss slavery, Black Wall Street, community involvement, the "Black 365 Calendar" and the other educational products available on Jamaal's website.

For more information on "Professor Jamaal Brown" visit

The song of the day is: “Prison for Profit” by Imp The Great. The song is featured on "Old Dogs New Tricks" available at

Other music, films and books mentioned in R.O.T episode #3

From The Browder Files Volume II: Survival Strategies for Africans In America "13 Steps to Freedom

From the Browder File: 22 Essays on the African American Experience

Back When I Didn't Know no Better: the Ghetto Wonder years (Volume 1) by Joey Covington

A Donny Hathaway Collection

The Assailant

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